Farmigo set out to redefine the relationship between consumers and producers by building an online marketplace for local, farm-fresh goods. I joined their team for one summer to help them realize this vision.

We collaborated on various efforts to optimize the onboarding process for new community organizers and members. We also experimented with incentive programs to promote growth. As part of this work, I started my own Farmigo order pick-up spot to better understand member/organizer dynamics. This allowed me to incorporate feedback from frequent interactions with real users, as well as from talking to stakeholders (CEO, product team, community team).

Mockup for a "Kickstarter" style page for launching a new pick-up community
Wireframes for referring a friend
Mockup for creating a new pick-up community
Alternative mockup for creating a new pick-up community.
Different layouts for desktop, tablet and mobile, highlighting a "Starter Box" deal on the marketplace page
Site map (part of website redesign content audit)
Annotated checkout flow, taking into account the goal of preventing user drop-off
Script for user feedback session
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